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How a dental supply company is helping to change the world

Emily Towns
Sep 26, 2018
Practicon, Inc. is changing the world, one toothbrush at a time.

The dental education and supply company has funded 13 clean-water wells in seven years — transforming the lives of people in Guatemala, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and India.

That transformation began one weekend 20 years earlier. Practicon President Scott Griffin came home from work to find out that his family would be hosting three little girls from World Help’s Children of the World International Children’s Choir. The Griffins became close to the girls, and that weekend started a relationship that would change hundreds of lives.

The family began donating to World Help’s global programs, and Scott even became a member of the board of directors. Scott had always wanted to use Practicon to make a global difference, ever since he became president of the company his mother, Ann Page Griffin, started in 1982.

He began by donating toothbrushes to impoverished communities around the world. When Scott heard about the opportunity to provide clean water through World Help, it seemed like a natural next step for the company.

“I decided that there was something more we could do, and the clean-water projects seemed like a good fit with our interest in health,” Scott shared.

Since 2010, Practicon has donated a penny from every sale of their signature Smile Goods toothbrush to help provide clean water for people in need. After seven years, those pennies have added up to make an incredible impact on 13 vulnerable communities.

“A well is about so much more than just water,” Scott said. “In these communities it is the women and children who have to fetch the water. A well leaves a strong impact on a community’s health, but it also allows women to work and children to go to school. Then, of course, the ultimate goal is that they would realize that the well was from people who love Jesus and it would lead to spiritual growth.”

After a few years, Scott traveled to Guatemala on behalf of Practicon and witnessed the dedication of one of the wells the company had provided.

“That was an awesome experience,” Scott said. “Just to see the kids gathered around the well and to see the ditch where they used to draw water in the distance. We take it totally for granted and have no idea the impact water can make on a community.”

For 13 villages, clean water has made all the difference. And for Pracitcon, Inc., it’s made a difference, too.

“We’re developing a real culture of service here, and the staff gets really excited about funding another well,” Scott said. “The whole company has worked together to promote the product!”

Scott encourages every business to get their company involved in making a significant impact … whether in their community or around the world.

“I think it communicates a lot to your employees and your team members that the business cares about something more than just the bottom line,” he said.


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