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How are refugees coping with the coronavirus?

Sam Campbell
Apr 03, 2020

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, we’ve had to learn to adjust to “social distancing” and “stay at home” orders. But what if you had no real home to shelter in?

That’s the reality that refugees around the world now face.

Today, you can provide lifesaving help to refugees and other people living in poverty during this pandemic. Your gift will also help provide emergency food and hygiene kits to families affected here in the U.S. And every dollar you give doubles up to $235,000 thanks to a matching gift by generous World Help Board members.

Since your donation is matched, you will help 2X as many people — people like refugees currently stuck in camps throughout Iraq and along the Syrian border.

Can you imagine facing this crisis in a place where medical care is hard to find? One refugee clinic made possible by World Help donors was already seeing around 2,500 patients every month. Now, the staff is also making home visits after normal hours to conduct coronavirus tests and distribute food, medicine, and hygiene kits throughout the camps.

Nutritious meals and basic supplies have always been scarce in the camps and difficult for refugees to afford. But fear and increased demand because of the coronavirus have caused prices of these goods to triple.

The simplest of necessities like healthy food are farther out of reach than ever.

“Refugees are taking the brunt of the crisis,” our partner on the Syrian border said. “With very limited work opportunities, what little refugees had before has become even less. Many are fearful this will mean starvation and death.”

These refugees are counting on people like you. Without your support, they won’t have access to medical care, hygiene kits, food, and other critical aid. They’ll be left to fight this terrible difficult moment in history alone … after they’ve already been through so much.

Will you give to the coronavirus emergency fund today to help people like these refugees and other families struggling without essentials worldwide?

You gift will help make sure the World Help’s global programs like the clinic on the Syrian border and feeding programs worldwide can keep serving families in need during this pandemic.

You’ll also help provide food for out-of-work families in need here in the U.S. and hygiene kits for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

The best part is your gift will be automatically DOUBLED up to $235,000. That means every $8 you give will now help rescue two people instead of one.

Please give whatever you can today.

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