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How Cosmetology Changed Jennifer’s Life

Rachel Godwin
Aug 28, 2016

Jennifer Aromo was a happy, normal girl living in Uganda. She went to school each day like other children, worked hard in all of her classes, and dreamed of a world of possibilities after graduation. In the evenings, she came home to help with chores and finished her day with dinner surrounded by family.

Then, tragedy struck.

Both of Jennifer’s parents unexpectedly died, leaving her and her four young siblings as orphans. Life would never be the same again. Her uncle offered to let the children come live with him, but he could not afford the school fees necessary to continue their education.

Jennifer watched as the other children in her neighborhood went to school . . . while she was forced to stay home. When she looked to the future, she no longer saw possibilities. All she could see was unemployment, poverty, and hunger.


Her mind filled with questions. Who would hire someone with only a primary school education? How could she start a family without a steady income? What would happen when her uncle could no longer take care of them?

Just when it seemed like no one would ever answer or even care about her questions, Jennifer discovered the Good Samaritan Vocational School in the nearby village of Gulu.

She was blown away when she learned that because of the generosity and kindness of people on the other side of the globe, she could go to the school on a full scholarship. People who had never met her cared enough to help her succeed!

Jennifer applied immediately and began her training in cosmetology. She listened intently as her instructors taught, and she worked hard during the practice sessions, knowing that this training was her ticket out of poverty.

When she completed the program, she was given free hairstyling tools to help her jumpstart her new career, again because of the generosity of donors who believed in her potential.

18_Hair Tools_3

A nearby salon was impressed by Jennifer’s new skills and hired her shortly after her graduation. All those questions she had been asking herself, all her worries and fears were now gone. God had provided!

Jennifer expressed her uncontainable joy and gratitude for those who had given toward her education:

I can now provide myself with clothes, food, and pay for some of my siblings’ school fees. Thank you for training me freely. I am very happy! May God bless you.

Young adults throughout Uganda can relate to Jennifer’s story. Many were forced to abandon their schooling as civil war tore their nation apart or because they were orphaned due to violence, AIDS, and other diseases.

But hundreds have found hope through the Good Samaritan Vocational School.

By learning a marketable trade such as hair styling, sewing, or welding, these students are now able to provide for their families and build a brighter future for themselves.

Now when Jennifer looks into the future, she sees opportunity. She sees her siblings getting the education they deserve, she sees herself building a family of her own, and she sees the countless ways God has and will continue to provide for her.

Click below to learn more about how vocational training is providing opportunities for an entire generation in Uganda.



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