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Human Rights Day: Your voice matters

Blog Team
Dec 10, 2016

Mohamed barely escaped Mosul alive. For the past two years, he’s lived with seven other people in a caravan … seven refugees who, like him, have lost everything to violence.

Mohamed believes restoration is still far away. “Refugee conditions are deplorable. I am thankful [to be alive], but there is much more to be done,” he said.

Today is Human Rights Day — a day when we celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nearly 70 years ago.

As a global community, we pause to recognize that basic rights are still being compromised around the world … but especially in the Middle East. For only $35, you can provide one refugee with essentials such as food, blankets, and medical aid.

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Millions have been driven from their homes and persecuted for their faith. Women and girls have been kidnapped and sold. Parents have been slaughtered in front of their children. The list goes on and on.

This Human Rights Day, we cannot ignore these blatant exploitations of basic human rights — or the people behind the statistics. People like Mohamed.

Today, will you choose to uphold the rights of our fellow human beings?

Just imagine the message you can send to ISIS if you stand up on behalf of refugees. Together, change is possible — and it starts with you.

Before this year ends, you can help impact 10,000 additional refugees with the supplies they need to survive — especially the harsh winter conditions they are facing. That’s $350,000. It’s an audacious goal, but one we believe we can accomplish together.

Join the fight against hatred and violence this Human Rights Day by supporting one refugee for just $35.

Please pray, and please give today.


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