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‘I think it is my turn to have a Bible’

April Stumme
May 06, 2018

Chen, at age 50, has cried only two times in his life — five years ago when his mother died, and a few months ago when he received his own copy of God’s Word.

It was three years ago when Chen, whose name we’ve changed for his safety, became a Christian in China. His new faith started him on a journey to own his own Bible that would take years.

The new believer was hungry to learn more about Jesus Christ and knew where he could find the answers to his questions. Chen tried everything he could think of to get a Bible — several times he tried to buy one, but was unsuccessful. He even reached out to the government church, but after being questioned repeatedly, he no longer felt safe contacting them.

Eventually, he went to his own pastor and begged for a copy, but the pastor explained that there were not enough Bibles for all the new believers in his congregation. Chen would have to wait.

So he waited … and waited. He borrowed tattered Bibles to study the passages he heard in church. And he prayed that one day it would be his turn to hold his own Bible in his hands.

Finally, that day came; his pastor received a shipment of Bibles, thanks to a compassionate donor from halfway around the world. And when he saw the boxes of God’s Word come through the doors, the pastor knew one of the first people to receive one would be Chen.

Tears slipped down Chen’s cheeks as he lovingly ran his fingers over the cover of this cherished possession. He couldn’t believe the wait was over. He vowed to read it and learn from it as much as he could. “I waited for almost three years,” he said, quietly. “I think it is my turn to have a Bible.”

In three months’ time, Chen read through the New Testament twice and is halfway through the Old Testament.

He is overjoyed he finally has a Bible to call his own. “I love God’s Word; His Word comforts me and gives me guidance and wisdom daily,” he said, smiling. “I love to read the four Gospels, I understand much more about Jesus Christ, and it helps me to know how to be a better Christian.”

Among other things, Chen is excited that his Bible is helping him learn how to be a better husband, too. “My wife is not a Christian yet; she thinks that I am crazy as I read the Bible for much time each day.” But Chen is hopeful that his passion for the Gospel will bring her to Christ, as well.

Chen is grateful for the kind donor who helped send the Bibles to his church. He has a message for the person who changed his life: “I shall be praying for you, although I do not exactly know who you are. But I believe we shall meet in heaven someday.”

You can provide a Bible to a Christian like Chen and be the answer to someone’s prayer. Your gift will enable a Christian to study the Gospel and grow in his faith. When you give just $5, you end the wait for a Christian who has been hoping for a Bible for months … or years.

Chen will never forget the donor who gave him the chance to study Scripture for himself.

“God’s Word is like a handbook for my Christian life,” he said. “The Lord is my Shepherd, He leads me and guides me and helps me to overcome struggles in my life. I have peace when I read the Bible.”

You can give that same peace to another Christian today by providing a Bible for $5 — a small price for an eternal impact.

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