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Is this Mosul’s darkest hour?

Vernon Brewer
Nov 01, 2016

For two years, ISIS has controlled Mosul, Iraq. For refugees trapped there, it’s felt like being trapped inside a tomb.

But the battle to liberate Mosul is underway — and refugees are streaming out of the city desperate to break free.

Most are taking only what they can carry. Especially the ones who are running. This is their first chance since 2014 to make a break for it.

Here’s how you can change one life

For $35 you can provide a hot meal, clean water, clothing, medical aid and other necessities. And your gift multiplies 5x!

If you’ve been trapped for two years and are now running for your life, a hot meal and clean clothes to help you make it through the winter are a godsend.

But ISIS isn’t going down without a fight. One report said ISIS recently killed 15 people and threw them into a river to spread terror. Another told of ISIS killing three women and children because they lagged behind a group being forced into Mosul.

That’s what the refugees are fleeing. That’s what you’ll help them escape!

The battle for Mosul may be Mosul’s darkest hour. But for $35 you can bring light to that darkness for one refugee. And your $35 provides $189 worth of emergency aid and care.

Anything you can send will be a tremendous blessing. Please pray for the fleeing refugees. But please, I’m asking you to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow for one person in desperate need.


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