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Izabel has lost so much. First her job … then her baby

Sam Campbell
Jul 16, 2020

You can see it in their wide eyes. Their clenched jaws. The way they purse their lips together, unsure of what to think or say about how they’re feeling. Our partner tried talking with some of them, but none of them would open up.

The children of Brazil are scared.

But this isn’t surprising. Brazil has more than 1.9 million coronavirus cases — the second highest in the world — and that number continues to grow.

Many families are still out of work. Food is scarce. Children don’t have food … and they don’t know when this nightmare will end.

Today, you can help send emergency coronavirus relief to people in Brazil and around the world who are afraid and starving. Your gift will help provide essentials like food, clean water, hygiene kits, and more. You’ll bring incredible hope during this pandemic. And thanks to a matching gift pledged by World Help Board members, every dollar you give will DOUBLE up to $300,000!

Click below to watch World Help’s partner in Brazil talk about the effects of the pandemic.

Many people in developing countries, like the young mother of two we’ll call Izabel, were struggling before the coronavirus hit.

Izabel hated leaving her children at home by themselves every day, but she had no other choice. As a single mom, she had to work. She didn’t have the option of staying home while her husband provided for the family. Instead, Izabel kissed her children goodbye each morning, placing her daughter in charge of her younger brother while she went to work.

But then the coronavirus changed everything.

When the pandemic began sweeping through Brazil in March, the store Izabel worked at shut down … leaving Izabel with no income.

The walk home that day was one she never thought she’d have to make. Fear gripped her insides as she tried to keep from crying. She needed to be strong for her children. Her cupboard at home was empty. She had relied on her daily wages to buy a little food each evening, but now that was impossible.

Parents like Izabel have to look their children in the eyes every day and tell them there’s no food. They have to send them off to bed — stomachs growling — and silently pray they make it through the night.

Because they have no money. No food. No other options.

On top of all the financial strain, Izabel is facing an emotional battle as well. She recently gave birth … but immediately made the difficult decision to put the baby up for adoption because she simply couldn’t provide for another child. Her heart broke as she handed over her beautiful baby girl. She loves her children fiercely, as any good mother does, which is exactly why she felt she had to give up the newborn. She can barely keep the two she already has alive.

Izabel has lost so much over the past five months: Her job. Her income. Her stability. And now, her new baby.

Every day is a struggle to survive for people in impoverished communities, especially those that are still under lockdown. Things haven’t gotten any easier. If anything, the desperation, hunger, and fatigue have all grown worse.

And it’s not just happening in Brazil. All around the world in places like India, Peru, Iraq, and other countries that are still in the thick of the pandemic, people are suffering greatly.

Your gift today will help give lifesaving aid for someone fighting for his or her life. You’ll help provide essentials like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, and more. And since your gift will double because of the matching gift, every $8 is now enough to help rescue TWO people!

When you give, you’ll also help erase a projected budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events, ensuring families around the world continue to receive physical help and spiritual hope.

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