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Join the Front Line: Choose a monthly plan that works for you

Sam Campbell
Aug 16, 2022

People love options, don’t they?

Regular or decaf coffee. Whole or skim milk. Netflix or Hulu. You can even choose which accent to give Siri on your phone.

But did you know you also have options for helping save lives every month as a Front Line donor? There are three monthly giving options (or you can choose to give a custom amount), which means you decide which plan works best for you.

And whatever amount you choose, your gifts will be matched up to $110,000 in your first year as a Front Line donor!

Your monthly gift will help protect children from waterborne diseases, starvation, and so much more

As a Front Line donor, you’ll be one of the first to respond when disaster strikes or in times of crisis. Your monthly gift will be ready to help people like Yamilet.

Yamilet and her husband owned a successful uniform company in Venezuela. The uniforms they made were distributed to many schools throughout the city. But as Venezuela’s economic and political crisis escalated, they began to sell less and less.

They tried to keep their business afloat by selling their cars and even some of the machinery.

But soon that money ran out, too, and things quickly took a turn for the worse. Yamilet’s husband got sick and ended up dying shortly after because they couldn’t afford the medicine he desperately needed.

Yamilet now struggles to feed her three children, and one of them is already severely malnourished. She has no car, no income, and she even had to sell her home.

Yamilet never expected her life to turn out this way — and that’s why your monthly gift is so important. As a Front Line donor, you’ll be ready to help when the unexpected happens.

When a natural disaster strikes, you’ll respond quickly to help meet the most urgent needs

Here are several more reasons why you’ll love giving monthly:

– It’s automated! Once you sign up to give by credit card or with an automatic bank withdrawal, you never have to worry about forgetting to send your gift.

– You’ll make the greatest impact. Your gift will meet the most urgent needs around the world every month.

– You’ll help share God’s love. As people receive the help you provide each month, they’ll also experience the love of Christ.

– You’ll receive less mail and emails. Since we know your monthly gift is coming, you’ll receive fewer requests for one-time gifts.

– Your gift DOUBLES! Every month for the first year, your donations will DOUBLE thanks to a $110,000 matching gift!

And of course, you have options …

Most Front Line donors choose to give $25 each month, but it’s entirely up to you! You can give $20, $25, or $50 per month — or even a custom amount that you choose yourself.

The Front Line works like any magazine or streaming service subscription. Once you sign up with a credit card or direct deposit, it’s taken care of! And you can feel confident knowing your gifts are providing critical aid like food, clean water, medical care, God’s Word, and more every month.

Remember, the choice is yours. No matter which of the three monthly giving options you choose, every $1 you give will DOUBLE for the first year, impacting 2x as many people.

Become a Front Line donor today so people like Yamilet don’t have to wait for help to arrive again.


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