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Did you know a bicycle could change a life?

Emily Towns
Dec 06, 2017

The Christmas season is one of the busiest travel times of the year. And even besides visiting family and friends for the holidays, think about how many times you use your car every day. You drive to the grocery store to buy food for Christmas dinner. You drive to the mall to pick up presents. You drive to work and to pick up your kids from school.

In rural communities around the world, families can barely afford food, much less transportation. But your $100 gift to provide a bicycle will make a life-changing impact.

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Maybe you’ve given someone a bicycle for Christmas. Maybe you’ve even received one yourself! For most of us, bicycles are little more than a fun way to exercise.

But for a man in Uganda, a bicycle can mean the difference between unemployment and finding a job. For a woman in Rwanda, it means less time traveling back and forth to the market and more time spent with her children. It means easier trips to the hospital or to school.

And for a pastor or church planter, a bicycle becomes a vehicle with which to transport the Good News of Jesus Christ.

All it takes is $100 to provide a family with transportation that could change their lives. When you give someone a bicycle, you give him or her a chance at a new future. So what you’re really giving is the gift of hope.

Give a bicycle to someone in need this Christmas, and you will help change a life.


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