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Last minute gifts for everyone on your list

Emily Towns
Dec 24, 2017

It’s finally here, the night before Christmas. Stockings are hung, the tree is lit, and the presents are all wrapped.

Or, maybe they aren’t. Maybe you still have to do a little last-minute shopping.

Before you face the frenzied crowds, consider giving a World Help e-gift card — the gift that truly gives back. With an e-gift card, your friends and family can choose how they will transform a life this Christmas.

They can select any nonmerchandise item from the World Help Gifts catalog such as Bibles, clean water, or income-generating chickens.

It’s simple — you select the amount while your friends and family get to select the impact. And when you click “instant delivery” during checkout, your gift will be ready immediately to place in a stocking or to hide under the tree.

A gift card makes a great stocking stuffer for …

1. Kids – World Help gift cards are the perfect way to teach children the importance of giving back … especially during the Christmas season. And they can choose a gift to help another child such as a winter coat or a storybook Bible.

2. Grandparents – Grandparents are known for claiming they don’t want or need anything for Christmas. But with a gift card, you can bless them with a thoughtful gift that doesn’t take up room on a shelf … and that changes a life.

3. Anyone on your list! – When you give World Help gift cards, you give family and friends the opportunity to choose how they will impact someone for eternity. What could be a better gift than that?


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