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Lost in the flood: One village watched its Bibles wash away

  • January 31, 2021
World Help Blog Team
Blog Team

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What would you do if your Bible was suddenly destroyed?

You’d most likely go buy a new one. Or use the spare copy in your house.

Unfortunately, the people of Chikwawa, Malawi, in East Africa didn’t have that option. This community lost almost everything after severe floods swept through the area in 2018. They even lost their Bibles. In fact, many pastors were having to preach without God’s Word. They’d simply recite verses they had memorized.

But it wasn’t enough. Without a copy of the Scriptures, the people in the village were spiritually starving.

Thankfully, generous members of the World Help family helped replace the Bibles and restore hope in this small riverside village.

“Here in Malawi, many people lost all their property,” one pastor said. “It was very difficult to teach. Others could only memorize Scripture from some tracts because they had no Bibles. Now, we are very happy and smiling because of the Bibles we have received. Thank you very much. May the good Lord bless you for this wonderful gift of life.”

Now, the people can study God’s Word in its entirety anytime they want!

Another pastor expressed his gratitude after receiving a brand-new copy to replace the tattered, salvaged remnant of a Bible he had been using since the storm. It had been falling apart, and most of Genesis was missing.

Now, with his new complete Bible, he is helping disciple 10 pastors in rural Malawi and Mozambique. And he hopes to train even more in the future!

This kind of spiritual growth wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the people who donated these Bibles. Because of them, the Gospel message is spreading around the world … even in the smallest villages of Africa.

Seekers are reading about Christ for the very first time. And believers are finally experiencing the comfort of God’s Word for themselves!

However, many Christ-followers living in Bible deserts are still waiting.

Owning a Bible in these areas is extremely rare because they are either illegal or because families can’t afford them.

These Christians are desperate to hold and read God’s Word … and you can help.

Click the button below to find out how you can become a Bibles for All Ambassador and give five people around the world their first Bibles every month.

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