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Make sponsorship more fun with games

April Stumme
Oct 17, 2017

You probably interact with children on a daily basis, but your relationship with your sponsored child is a unique one.

Chances are, you’ll never play soccer, go to the movies, make macaroni and cheese, or play the guitar with them.

But even though your relationship is different, you can do more with your sponsored child than you think!

One of my favorite ways to connect is through games. OK, you’re thinking … how can we play games when we live in different countries? Well, you’d be surprised how many games are available you can play with your sponsored child!

Here are a few options.

If you and your child correspond frequently …

You can send two-player games! Tic-tac-toe is a good example that works well here. Draw a board on a sheet of paper, and write the rules next to it. Then place your first move. Send this board to your sponsored child along with instructions to send it back after he has made a move.

Playing games makes sending letters back and forth more exciting. And tic-tac-toe isn’t the only game you can play this way! Connect Four, Dots and Boxes, Scrambled Words, Battleship … you’re limited only by your imagination!

If there are cultural barriers …

You can send one-player games! Because of where your sponsored child lives, there may be cultural and language barriers. But you can still send your child a fun game he or she is sure to enjoy! Mazes are simple, and they can work for all ages. Spot the Difference puzzles also are perfect to send in the mail.

Traditional games are another great option, as long as they fit inside a 6X9 envelope. Card games including Uno and Go Fish are always popular with kids. And many games that are too large for a small envelope can be found in travel sizes. You can send all sorts of games; just make sure they are age-appropriate for your child.

Don’t let distance keep you from having a fun relationship with your sponsored child. Be adventurous and try new things! For more inspiration, read other sponsorship posts here and here.

Whether you send your sponsored child toys and games all the time, or whether you just write once a year, you’re impacting a life for eternity. Thank you for committing to sponsorship! We’re so blessed to partner with you to make the world a better place for children.

And don’t forget that all packages sent for your sponsored child must fit inside a 6X9 envelope to meet mailing regulations.


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