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Make this “Thinking of You” card for your sponsored child

April Stumme
Mar 15, 2018

Have you ever sent someone a card and later seen it displayed in his or her home?

I often hang up cards I receive because they always make me smile. Recently, a friend came over and saw her card on my fridge. “ “If I had known you would hang it on your fridge, I would have sent you a nicer card!” she said.

Sponsored children often keep cards and photos they receive from sponsors in places of honor, too. But unlike my cards, these cards don’t go on the fridge with grocery lists and old invitations. They frequently end up with a child’s most precious possessions or hung next to the child’s bed. And a card you make yourself is the best card of all.

This sunflower card from is an easy craft to do. It’s perfect to make with your kids because most of the steps are just folding and gluing. And it’s sure to brighten your sponsored child’s day.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this card:

• Light blue cardstock cut to 6 inches by 9 inches (Anything you send your sponsored child has to fit in a 6-by-9 envelope, so make sure your paper is small enough.

• Yellow and green construction paper

• Scissors

• Glue

• A marker (A fine tip permanent marker works best.)

Follow these six easy steps:

Step one: Cut about 16 two-inch circles out of your yellow construction paper. Fold your construction paper accordion-style four times, tracing four circles onto the top layer. Then cut those out through all the layers or you can cut them individually.

Step two: Cut out a larger yellow circle for the middle. You can make this easier by tracing the top of a paper cup, or you can just eyeball it. Then cut a long strip out of the green paper for the stem and another two-inch circle out of the green paper.

Step three: Glue your stem piece and your larger yellow circle to the paper. The large yellow circle will be the center of your flower, so it goes on top of the stem.

Step four: Fold the outer two-thirds of your yellow circle in, as shown in the picture below. Fold your small green circle the same way.

Step five: Glue your folded yellow circles around your central yellow circle like petals. Glue your green circle next to your stem like a leaf. Don’t worry if your flower ends up a little lopsided. Imperfections make it more personal!

Step six (optional): Write a message for your child on the inside of your flower. Choose something short like “Thinking of you” or “Have a great day!” Alternatively, you can use crumpled tissue paper to imitate seeds in the middle of the flower.

And you’re done! Your card is complete. You can write a sweet note on the back and send it to your sponsored child. If you don’t know how to send mail to your sponsored child, you can find the directions on our website.

Of course, if this craft is too difficult or you simply don’t have time, your sponsored child will love any card you send. Just a note from you is an incredible gift. And if you’re short on time, you can even email a note to your sponsored child.

By sponsoring a child, you’re already bringing sunshine into his or her life. Cards and little gifts like this are just extra reminders about how much you care. It’s a special way to connect with your sponsored child and an opportunity to make his or her day even better.

If you don’t sponsor yet, but you want to, check out this page to choose a child and start impacting a life forever! If you already sponsor, thank you so much! We are grateful for you, and so is your sponsored child. Let us know how you connect with your sponsored children by posting on our Facebook or Instagram.


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