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Marrah won't be home for the holidays

Kelsey Campbell
Dec 19, 2018

Marrah lies awake at night, listening to her children cough. Smoke fills the air, choking their lungs. But building a fire and burning trash inside their makeshift home is the only way to keep warm. Still, the kids shiver in their sleep.

As Marrah listens to her three children wheezing, she wishes she could give them a better Christmas.

I’ve changed Marrah’s name because she’s a refugee living in a displacement camp.

Her family’s tent “home” is a lot different from the home they lost to an explosion in Syria. The walls are made of thin fabric, and they do little to keep out the brutal cold and freezing rain during the winter months. Marrah can’t afford blankets — she often can’t even afford bread — so her children constantly go to bed cold and hungry.

But for $35, you can give Christmas to a refugee like Marrah. I don’t mean sending a tree and lights, but the best gift of all: essentials that will help save a person’s life.

Your $35 gift provides $189 worth of emergency winter supplies like warm blankets and thick clothing for a child … an electric heater so a family doesn’t have to burn garbage in their tent … or nutritious food for a starving, elderly refugee.

You will also help give medical care to refugees who are sick, and provide a very special Christmas surprise — a storybook Bible so a refugee child can learn the true meaning of Christmas.

With the help of grants and other physical donations, your gift will multiply more than five times and go on to rescue people just like Marrah and her children.

What if Marrah could feed her three children this Christmas and wrap them up tightly in new coats and blankets?

Not only will you be meeting a refugee’s most dire physical needs, but you’ll also be demonstrating Christ’s love in the season of His birth.

Whether you get to enjoy Christmas at home or afar this year, please remember those who have lost everything due to violence and warfare … and who are now wondering how they will make it through the coldest months of the year. Your gift can save a life!

Refugees like Marrah and her children won’t be home for Christmas, but with your help, they can survive this winter —the best present of all.


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