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On the Syrian border: True healing for refugees facing trauma

Vernon Brewer
Dec 04, 2018

For many families I’ve met on the Syrian border, their journey to becoming refugees was a traumatic one. They arrive at the camps bearing both physical and emotional scars.

This was certainly the case for Mrs. Zin and her family.

I’ve shared the beginning of her story with you before. Mrs. Zin and her family fled their home in Syria after members of ISIS attacked and tried to rape her daughter. When the family fought back, their home was attacked and bombed.

Thankfully, the Zin family’s story has a happy ending. When they first came to the refugee camp, Mrs. Zin sought treatment at one of the clinics that our donors sponsor. There, she heard about Jesus and decided to become a believer.

Over the years, Mrs. Zin’s entire family has chosen to put their faith in Christ.

The joy of the Lord has transformed a terrible situation into a story of hope. That’s why it is so important that we continue to provide lifesaving supplies to refugees! When you give $35 to provide emergency aid, you don’t just give food, blankets, and medical care. You send the love and hope of Jesus, and that’s where true healing begins.

Mrs. Zin and her family have found new life in Christ, but there are still so many other refugees in need. Our partner shared this heartbreaking story with me:

Mira is a young wife and mother whose life fell apart the day her village came under attack. I’ve changed her name to protect her privacy. As the bombs began to fall, Mira looked outside — a decision she now regrets with all of her heart.

In that terrible moment, she watched as her husband was hit with a bomb, right before her eyes.

But the horrors of that day didn’t stop there. Moments later, rebels arrived and killed the remaining men in the village — leaving the women vulnerable and in shock. The rebels made their way through town, looting the homes and attacking the women. They raped Mira in front of her few remaining family members.

These traumatic experiences have left her family in emotional ruins. And now that Mira has no home and no husband, she is constantly worried about how she will provide them with their next meal or keep them warm during the harsh, winter months.

But there’s something you can do to help. For just $35, you can provide $189 worth of lifesaving aid to a refugee like Mira. You will provide essentials like food, warm blankets, medical aid, and more. And beyond that, you can help them begin to heal from the horrible tragedies they have been through.

At the medical clinic, Mira will be able to receive the psychological treatment she needs to recover from the violence she has endured, and her children will receive trauma care.

And my prayer — which I ask you to make your prayer, as well — is that over time, the hope found in Jesus will begin to restore Mira’s joy, just like it did for Mrs. Zin.

As you pray for Mira, the Zin family, and other refugees around the world, I hope you will also give. Your gift today — of $35 or more — will help save a refugee’s life.


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