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A Mother’s Day gift that lasts for generations

Melissa Schultz
May 02, 2017

She’s loved you since day one. She’s stood by your side, held your hand, and guided your steps. More than anything else, she’s wanted what’s best for you.

She’s your mom.

This Mother’s Day, honor her love and sacrifice by helping another mother do the same for her daughter.

When you were young, your mom was probably just as excited about your birthdays as you were. Maybe she baked you a cake or planned a surprise party. But for moms in the Banchara community of India, birthdays aren’t always a time of celebration.

When her oldest daughter turns 12, a mother is expected to brush makeup on the young girl’s face and prepare her for a life of prostitution. It’s a cultural tradition called Nari Mata that has stolen the lives of countless girls for more than 500 years.

“My mother did it for my elder sister when she turned 12 years old,” one mother said. “Now it is my turn. It is my duty to get my daughter prepared for her new life.”

Because of her extreme poverty, this woman has no way of giving her daughter an education — or a chance to dream of a better future.

“I knew what was in store for me when I was 5 years old,” her daughter said. “My mother told me, and also I have seen other girls going through the same experience. So I have accepted this life.”

Each girl who goes into the industry continues the generational cycle of girls trapped in prostitution. But this Mother’s Day, you can help change that by giving the gift of freedom.

Your gift — given in honor of your own mom — will help a mother in the Banchara community send her daughter to school to prepare for a life outside of sexual slavery.

Because of you, one mother will have the joy of watching her daughter pursue a different future outside the sex industry … a future filled with freedom and purpose … a better life she can pass on to her children.

What better way to honor your mother this Mother’s Day than by investing in the freedom of future generations?

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