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Nepal: Earthquake Survivors on the Brink of Starvation

Vernon Brewer
Jun 24, 2015

What do you do when your village, everything you know, has been completely destroyed by an earthquake?

You gather the survivors, you find a safe place, and you wait for a miracle . . .


Today, I met a group of people from three villages in the Everest region that have banded together for survival atop a nearby wooded hill. Ninety-eight people from these combined villages were crushed when the earthquake struck.

Now, they huddle together under plastic tarps with no way to work and provide for their families. The conditions are horrendous. And to make matters worse, after this month, their food stores will be completely gone.


As soon as we arrived at the camp, I saw a familiar face. It was Karsang, a young man I had met years ago when he was only 5 years old.

Karsang is no stranger to great loss. When I met him, his mother, father, and sister had just been tragically killed in a car accident. I remember his face, his eyes . . . he was so incredibly lonely.

My daughter Jenny (who was with me on that trip) decided to become Karsang’s sponsor. Slowly, but surely, this little boy found comfort in the care of our Child Sponsorship Program and was eventually introduced to Jesus Christ.

Karsang went on to graduate high school and is now in Bible college . . . all because one person decided to respond compassionately to a child in need.

Meet Karsang in the video below:

Although I was excited to see Karsang today, I was overcome with grief for his tragic situation. His home is in ruin, his community is demolished, and in a few more days, all available food will be gone. In his eyes I saw that same little 5-year-old boy . . . and my heart broke.

I promised Karsang that we would help.


I don’t know where the money will come from, and I still don’t . . . but what I do know is that God will always make a way when we place our trust in Him to provide.

Our partners estimate that it is going to take approximately $4,500 a month to provide food and water for Karsang’s village of earthquake survivors.

Will you help me meet this critical need?

I cannot begin to explain the danger these people face. Without immediate assistance, they will surely starve to death . . . and I refuse to stand by and watch it happen.


Any gift you give today will go directly toward keeping Karsang and his neighbors alive.

Pray with me. Give with me. Trust with me that God will do more than we ask or imagine for this community and for those suffering all over Nepal. Together, we can do something that will outlive us and last for eternity!



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