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Nepal: Until the Very Last Are Reached

May 07, 2015

It’s been just over a week since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake tore through Nepal and reduced millions of lives to rubble in a matter of minutes. It is estimated that nearly 2 million lives are now utterly dependent on the compassion and generosity of others to show up with immediate humanitarian aid.

Hundreds of thousands now wander the streets in tireless search of refuge from the elements—dangerous sun exposure and torrential downpours—with flimsy tents as their only source of shelter.


In the days following the earthquake, an overwhelming wave of relief efforts were made, generous donations were given, and countless prayers were fervently offered up. But in just over a week, it seems the world has already begun to forget—the media has quickly moved on while thousands are still praying for help to come . . . thousands of lives that depend on our willingness to remember them.

Sometimes the magnitude of a crisis breeds apathy instead of compassion. When the devastation is simply too much to digest, we close our eyes to the situation and choose to believe that someone else will help.

In the face of great tragedy, we are often derailed by the question WHY?Why would God allow something like this to happen? Slowly, our compassion turns to doubt . . . and our love to apathy.


Beneath all of this is a powerful lie—a lie that tells us we could never make a difference . . . that someone else is better equipped for the task . . . that if we offer up a simple prayer, we’ve done our part and can wash our hands of it.

But we are called to be a visible representation of an invisible God.

When we don’t show up, we miss an opportunity to demonstrate the heart of our Father to those crying out for His provision. The question is not, why would God allow this to happen? But rather, what does our apathy say about God to a broken world?


In the last week, we’ve seen hundreds rise up to bring healing to the people of Nepal. We’ve been moved to the point of tears to see the deep compassion and generosity of so many coming together to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus in the midst of unimaginable suffering.

Because of our supporters, hundreds of Nepali people trapped in devastated mountain villages now have a reason to believe they are not alone . . . they have not been abandoned . . . and that, quite oppositely, there is a God who not only hears their every sigh but groans alongside them until help comes.


God’s love is demonstrated through providing food and life-saving supplies to the remote villages of Chaku, Hindi, Naranthan, Tyangthali, and Nayapool. Each donation meets a very-real need—providing rice, noodles, basic supplies, vital medicines, and even helps to treat and bandage infected wounds.


But we aren’t stopping there.

Thousands of lives still hang in the balance, and we aren’t willing to overlook a single one. Now is our chance to turn tragedy into opportunity to reveal the truth of God’s love to the nation of Nepal . . . one tent, one meal, one bandaged wound at a time.


And we won’t stop until the very last are reached.

Will you join us?


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