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A New Year’s prayer for your sponsored child

April Stumme
Jan 19, 2018

Who prays for you?

Maybe your mother prays for you every night before bed. Maybe your pastor prays for you each Sunday. Maybe your spouse prays for you over his or her daily devotions.

Knowing people pray for you is a reminder that they care. It shows they’ve invested the time to bring your needs to the One who can meet them.

You probably already pray for your sponsored child — and that’s amazing! Your prayers and your support are giving this child a brighter future and a better life. We are so grateful for you, and we know your sponsored child is, too.

But you have the chance to make an even bigger impact by sharing your prayers with your sponsored child!

This month, write down your prayer for your sponsored child. Maybe you want to pray for him to grow closer to Jesus, to become more confident, or to make good friends in 2018. Whatever your prayer, include it in a letter or email to your sponsored child.

To know that you are praying for him or her will be such an encouragement. You can help your sponsored child start this year out on a positive note when you send a letter with your prayer.

Thank you for your love and compassion — your generosity is changing a child’s life and a future forever. And your prayers are sending encouragement and blessings around the world. Happy New Year to you and to your sponsored child!


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