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Nicaraguans are running out of time

Blog Team
Sep 10, 2018

Nicaragua has been in a state of turmoil for months now. Protestors and looters fill the streets. The economy is in collapse. And people are starving.

The UN Security Council met last week to discuss the situation. But while they work to determine what steps to take to end the crisis, the people of Nicaragua need your help now.

For just $25, you can provide two weeks’ worth of emergency food and medical aid for one person.

Right now, our partners on the ground are working to deliver these items as quickly as possible to those most in need. But the supplies won’t last long without your help.

Families in Nicaragua are terrified … they don’t know much longer they can survive without food or medical supplies. They’re worried they are running out of time.

In a country bursting at the seams with violence and chaos, giving one person the help they are praying for is the best gift you can provide.

More than 400 people have already died due to the violence and lack of a medical attention. Many of these casualties have been children. But you can step in and save a life. 

Please give $25 today to help one person in crisis. And please continue to pray for safety and peace in Nicaragua.


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