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No mother should ever have to ask this question

April Stumme
May 05, 2018

How long can my child survive without food?

It’s a heartbreaking question without an easy answer.

Determining factors include the size of the child, whether or not he is already malnourished, or if he is dehydrated.

It’s a question no mother should ever have to ask.

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Mothers in the U.S. frequently are uneasy about caring for their babies. They wonder when they can feed their babies certain foods, which baby supplies are best, and how to get their babies to sleep through the night. They have serious concerns, lighthearted questions, and real fears for their children.

But they also have access to a myriad of helpful resources: health professionals, mommy blogs, magazine articles, TV programs, books, and Internet research to name a few.

However, rarely do they wonder if their children will starve to death because they can’t feed them.

Unfortunately, mothers in developing nations worry about this every day.

These mothers are desperate; they know their children are dying, but they are helpless to save them. They are praying for a miracle … someone to rescue their babies.

They need you.

You can help the mother of a malnourished child by providing food and medical care to help her son or daughter grow healthy and strong.

You can rescue a child from malnutrition. Your $50 will help provide the initial nutritional needs and medical evaluation necessary for a child to survive.

You can make sure one mother doesn’t have to wonder if her child will starve to death. Give today and rescue a child in need.

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