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No storm can wash away God’s Word

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Apr 29, 2018

Camilla’s library collection lay strewn across her living room floor. She was desperately trying to dry out the books since Hurricane Irma ravaged her home and her belongings. Camilla’s wood-framed house in Cuba was still standing, but her most treasured belongings — her Bibles and Christian literature — had been destroyed by the storm.

To protect Camilla’s identity and her ministry, we’ve changed her name.

As Camilla looked down at the pile of books on the floor, her eyes welled with tears. Even though she is a book-lover and an avid reader, it wasn’t just the loss of books that upset her; it was that she couldn’t help others grow in their faith anymore.

Before the storm, Camilla had been loaning Bibles and Christian books to people in her community. And she had recently opened up her home for a house church.

Inviting the local congregation into her home so she could share her Bibles and study resources had been her ministry. But after the hurricane, she thought she’d never be able to replace her precious books.

But because of compassionate donors, Camilla was able to receive new Bibles and Christian materials.

Running her hands over the cover of a new Bible, Camilla expressed thankfulness for the provision of God and the blessings from others. Now she could return to her passion: teaching others about Jesus.

In the past, Cuba has been plagued by spiritual darkness, but thanks to God’s grace, that is changing! The church in Cuba is growing!

In 1991, Cuban government loosened some restrictions the Cuban church had faced for many years. Cuba began to experience a religious revival of sorts. Slowly, but surely, the Gospel is spreading throughout the country.

And thanks to supporters who have given Bibles to people like Camilla, more and more Cubans are coming to know the Lord.

Today, you can help the Good News continue to spread throughout this island nation by supporting a church planter in Cuba.

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