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North and South Korea unite for Olympics, but Christians still suffer

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 05, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics are less than a week away, and the eyes of the world are on South Korea.

In an unprecedented turn of events, North and South Korea sat down for serious talks about a partnership in the games. Peaceful discussions haven’t taken place between the Koreas in more than two years. But as a result, their countries will come together to form a women’s hockey team — a team that will march under a united Korean flag.

The International Olympic Committee president credited the peaceful agreement to a spirit of unity that’s often associated with the Olympic Games. “The Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 are hopefully opening the door to a brighter future on the Korean peninsula, and inviting the world to join in the celebration of hope,” he said.

Hope — now more than ever — is needed in North Korea. Throughout 2017, the world sat on edge while North Korea tested missiles and made threats. Now in 2018, the world is eager for any good news coming out of the most secretive and oppressive nation on earth.

But before we get too excited about North Korea’s attempt at peaceful unity with the South, we need to remember the harsh reality: While the united Korean hockey team skates onto the ice in PyeongChang, thousands of Christians in North Korean labor camps will be suffering for their faith only a few hundred miles away.

As all eyes turn toward South Korea this winter, please don’t forget our suffering brothers and sisters just across the border. They are begging for Bibles — even though being caught with one can mean jail or even death.

We as Christians are called to unity … a unity even more powerful than the global spirit of harmony inspired by the Olympic Games. We are called to be one body in Christ. And right now, a part of that body is hurting. The church of North Korea needs our help now more than ever.

It may be that North Korea is open to communication, and we can pray that one day that will result in open borders and an end to persecution of Christians. But until the day comes when North Korea no longer tortures, threatens, and kills their secret Christians, we cannot stop smuggling Bibles into this closed country.

North Koreans are willing to risk their lives for God’s Word. The least we can do is provide it for them.

Will you help provide 100,000 Bibles to flood North Korea with the Gospel? So far, generous donors have already provided 56,500 Bibles. But there are still many North Korean Christians who have never held a copy of God’s Word. Your $10 gift today will print, ship, and deliver one Bible into the hands of a North Korean believer or seeker.

As the Olympics opening ceremonies approach, people around the world are clinging to the hope of peace between North and South Korea. But Christians facing the day-to-day oppression of the North Korean regime are simply clinging to the hope of receiving a Bible to help sustain them.

Today, you can help answer the desperate prayers of a North Korean Christian who is pleading for a copy of the Scriptures. All it takes is $10.

The world will unite this month under the Olympic flag. Will you unite with other Christians around the globe to help our suffering brothers and sisters in North Korea?

Your gift of a Bible today will provide tremendous comfort in the face of persecution.


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