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How you nourished a church in Rwanda

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May 28, 2017

Deep in the heart of southern Rwanda, poverty and disease seem unstoppable. But they aren’t, thanks to you! You helped a light emerge in the darkness — the remarkable faith of the church in Bugarama.

This church had grown so much that the congregation could no longer fit in the small, wooden house where they had been meeting … but you answered their prayers.

Generous supporters, like you, provided them with a new church building large enough for all the believers in the village.

Many people in the village were interested in learning more about Jesus, but they felt they were too poor to attend church. When you provided a livestock bundle to the community, the church members used this opportunity to provide physical help to these individuals in great need.

Your generosity — combined with the kindness of these believers — showed many people that they matter to God no matter their economic situation.

Christine, a 15-year-old orphan, was especially grateful for your gift of a pig:

I used to think nobody loved me, but [since] the church gave me this pig, I feel very loved and valuable. I have now joined the church choir, and I sing on Sundays with fellow friends at our church.

The church is a beacon of hope in Bugarama. The people were sharing about God’s love, but they longed for copies of God’s Word above all else for their growing congregation.

And again, you stepped in.

“When I got a Bible, it was an answered prayer from God. The Bible is the book of life. It guides my daily living,” Faustine Bavugayabo said.

Because of your generosity, the people of Bugarama can do more than hear God’s Word — now, they have their own Bible and can share it with others in their village.

“We see this as a time for spiritual transformation,” the pastor said. That’s transformation that you made possible!

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