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On the ground in Cuba: Fanning the flames of revival

  • January 31, 2020
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Vernon Brewer

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One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to meet people all around the world.

Yesterday, I told you that I recently met with a number of church planters in Cuba. Their ages ranged from young adults to senior citizens, but their mission was the same.

They want to spread the Gospel.

Howard is one of those church planters. His passion for Christ is evident. What he wants more than anything is to share the Good News with his community. He has already established five churches and seen hundreds of people become Christ-followers.

But Howard isn’t planning to stop anytime soon. He wants to plant more churches and disciple more individuals.

Unfortunately, resources for church planters in Cuba are few and far between. These men and women don’t always have access to biblical training and study tools. Not to mention, church planters have to grapple with all of these difficulties while also providing for their families.

Howard’s heart is in the right place, but without help, his ministry cannot grow.

Numerous church planters face this same obstacle. They’re eager and willing, but a lack of resources prevents them from taking God’s Word to the people in and around their communities. They cannot reach those who desperately need Christ.

That’s where you come in. For just $50, you will help equip a church planter like Howard with the tools he needs to continue spreading the Gospel. Your gift will provide things like:

  • Training and study materials so he can become a better preacher

  • Transportation costs so he can evangelize and visit churches in surrounding communities

  • Food to make sure his family is well taken care of

  • And more

A church planter’s life is not an easy one. Resources and finances are limited. Traveling back and forth between churches is expensive. By giving, you’ll help a church planter like Howard continue his ministry and also help provide for his family’s daily needs.

Today, I invite you to make a difference.

Please come alongside a church planter and help share the love of Jesus with the people of Cuba.

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