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On the ground in Peru: You can cure kids and restore their futures

This past Christmas, my oldest son left home early to travel with his band. He had been home from college for only a short time, so I was sad to see him leave — but I was also so very proud.

As a mother, I have done my best to encourage my children to follow their dreams. But as I traveled through the jungles and villages of Peru this week, I met children who will struggle to survive until adulthood. Because of the dirty water they must drink, they are at risk of contracting intestinal worms — an incredibly painful and life-threatening condition 

But for just $30, you can cure 30 children of intestinal worms. You can help save 30 lives right now so these kids can grow up, chase their dreams, and make their own parents proud.  

When a child has intestinal worms, any dreams he might have for the future are lost. The parasites steal nutrients from every bite of food he eats — making it impossible for the child to grow, much less pursue his passions.   

Parents often tell their children that they can be anything they want to be. But for families growing up in poor communities in Peru and all over the world, it’s not so simpleIntestinal worms are a common problem in remote villages, and the deworming medication costs more than most parents can afford.  

Can you imagine watching your children grow sicker and sicker, all the while knowing there is nothing you can do? Can you imagine watching the dreams you had for them wither as their bodies waste away?

But there’s something you can do to help.

All it takes is $30 to provide a lifesaving dose of deworming medication for 30 children. Plus, each child’s family will have the opportunity to receive a resource that tells them about the love of Jesus.

Your gift doesn’t just save lives, it restores hope for the future. Give today and rescue more than two dozen children by curing them of intestinal parasites.


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