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On the ground in Peru: You can give 30 children a healthy start

I love to see new beginnings. One of the best parts of my job here at World Help is traveling around the world and getting to witness those new beginnings and transformations firsthand … when someone finally receives the help he or she desperately needs. But I also get the chance to meet people who are waiting — waiting for help and for hope.

During this week in Peru, I saw many children who are hoping for a new beginning. These kids are at risk of getting intestinal worms — painful parasites that leave them incredibly sick and at risk of death. But for just $30, you can help provide a new beginning for 30 children by curing them of these deadly worms. You can help save the lives of children like Jennifer.

You see, kids like Jennifer are constantly at risk of contracting intestinal worms from dirty drinking water. These worms steal essential nutrients from every bite of food a child eats. While adults can contract the parasites, it is children who suffer most.

Without the nutrition the worms are stealing, children like Jennifer will become malnourished and their growth and development will be stunted. Painful stomach cramps and illness keep the children from living a normal life.

Parents living in poverty work hard to feed the children nutritious meals so they can grow healthy and strong. But parasites rob them of that. Any many families can’t afford deworming medication, so their children remain sick — slowly and painfully withering away.

These children and their families are in desperate need of a new beginning … and YOU can provide one today.

For just $30, you can cure 30 children by providing a dose of deworming medication! The medication works quickly, and the children will begin to feel immediate relief.

But the gift of health isn’t the only new beginning you will provide. In addition to the lifesaving medication, each family will have the opportunity to receive a resource that shares the message of Jesus — the true source of hope and new beginnings.

Children around the globe like Jennifer want to go to school, they want be healthy enough to spend time with the people they love, and they want to grow up. Today, you can make that hope a reality.

Give $30 today to cure 30 children and give them a new start at a healthy life.


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