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One dose of medicine + one booklet equals two cures

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 23, 2019
Children are dying slow, painful deaths in developing countries. But it’s not from what you might expect. I’m not talking about war or famine — or even the squalid conditions of refugee camps.

The killer I’m talking about is parasites.

Intestinal worms are common in communities that lack clean water and proper sanitation. And children are an easy target for these organisms that begin multiplying in their bellies. These worms silently steal the nutrients and energy from their bodies.

A child suffering from parasites is often too weak to move, let alone play.

His arms and legs grow frail as he loses pound after pound. The abdominal cramps are excruciating. His physical and mental development deteriorates. And eventually — if he doesn’t receive help — he will die.

But you can rescue 30 children by curing them of deadly intestinal worms — for just $30!

Every dollar you give provides a dose of deworming medicine that can eradicate the worms in a child’s body within a few days.

You can save the life of someone like Pankina.

Pankina knew something was wrong. Her stomach ached and cramped all the time. She felt weak and could barely move her arms and legs.

Something had changed in her tiny body. But neither she nor her family knew what was happening. They soon discovered she was plagued by parasites.

Children like Pankina are suffering from intestinal worms all over the world. And YOU can help give them the cure.

We already have access to medication that will cure sick children around the world and are ready to rush it to them. But we need YOUR help to cover the cost to distribute it.

A gift of just $30 is enough to cure 30 children!

Think about that! That’s 30 children you can make happy and healthy again — enough to fill up an entire playground or ball field, all running and playing with the energy they finally have back.

But your $30 does even more than save physical lives — it also introduces 30 families to the hope of Jesus Christ. The family of each child who receives treatment will also receive a booklet about the Gospel.

So, with every physical cure distributed, a child and his family will have the chance to learn about a spiritual cure, too — a relationship with Jesus.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways you can give physical and spiritual help to the poor.

Will you give $30 today to cure 30 children from deadly intestinal worms and introduce them to eternal life? You’ll be keeping them alive and allowing them to experience the Good News.

That’s what help for today and hope for tomorrow is all about.


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