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Pandemic and hurricanes created the ‘perfect storm for poverty’

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Jul 27, 2021

Families in Guatemala were already raising a white flag last year as a sign that they were out of food due to the pandemic when two record-breaking hurricanes tore through their country.

“With the storms and COVID together, it really created this perfect storm for poverty,” our Guatemalan partner said in an interview with World Help president, Noel Brewer Yeatts.

Watch the entire interview below to learn about the greatest needs for people still trying to recover and how you can help.

The greatest needs

Homes and villages in Central America are in ruins. People are still out of work. And now that coronavirus cases are on the rise again, many areas have gone back under lockdown.

Even if people could go out and earn an income, Hurricanes Eta and Iota already destroyed much of last year’s crops, which means food supplies are limited.

“There are some communities that lost everything because of the mudslides,” our partner said. “They don’t have any kind of hope.”

Families are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They’re starving, but they can’t buy food because they’re out of work. They’re sick, but they have no access to medicine.

The three greatest needs right now are food, clean water, and medical supplies. And the good news is these are needs YOU can help meet.

How you can help

Normally, $14 is enough to help provide one person with essentials like food, medical care, clean water, Bibles, and more. But thanks to a $75,000 matching gift, every $14 now DOUBLES to impact two people in Guatemala or another place where the needs are greatest.

That means with a gift of just $28, you can help FOUR people!

Not only will your doubled gift help provide lifesaving aid, but your generosity will also be a living testimony. Every time a person receives a pack of rice or a jug of fresh, clean water, they’ll be reminded of God’s love.

You’ll be providing both physical help and spiritual hope.

But you need to make your donation this week to take advantage of this matching gift which ends July 31. So be sure to give as soon as possible and help 2X as many people in Latin America and beyond.

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