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URGENT: Persecuted North Korean Christians desperate for Bibles

Vernon Brewer
Jan 25, 2017

I’m writing to you with a heavy heart. I just heard Mee-Yon’s* testimony and had to share it with you.

Our sister in Christ has been sentenced to work in a labor camp in North Korea — simply for owning a Bible. But despite this harsh punishment, Mee-Yon and believers like her still desire to have a Bible of their own.

Your gift of $10 today will print and send one Bible to a North Korean believer.

While riding a bus, Mee-Yon was searched during a random police stop and her Bible was discovered. She was immediately seized. Interrogated for hours. Beaten. Then Mee-Yon was thrown into jail.

I tell you this because I want you to understand the terrible risk for North Koreans who own a Bible. But despite the danger, these courageous believers are still desperate for God’s Word. And that’s where you can help!

The Bible you give to a persecuted Christian, like Mee-Yon, will be a message of hope in a time when a believer is facing tremendous hardship.

Mee-Yon has planted over a dozen communities of faith throughout North Korea. Some have as many as 15 people who meet secretly to worship God. They often share and read handwritten copies of Scripture since they do not have enough Bibles of their own.

But today, Mee-Yon faces the horrors of North Korean labor camps.

The U.N. has called the camps “strikingly similar” to those run by the Nazis during World War II. Inmates are fed little more than a handful of corn and are subjected to hours of heavy labor in mines, farms, and factories. They are tortured, raped, and starved to death.

But the Scriptures Mee-Yon had memorized helped sustain her while she awaited sentencing.

Many believers are being physically and psychologically tortured for crimes such as meeting for worship, owning a Bible, or sharing the Gospel.

But the Bible — God’s Word that never comes back void — provides peace that surpasses all understanding. And you can provide that peace to a persecuted believer in North Korea for only $10.

I’ve been working in North Korea for many years. But I have never before seen such openness to the Gospel. The Word of God is spreading throughout one of the harshest spiritual climates in world history.

Our brothers and sisters in North Korea need our help — yours and mine. They need Bibles so they can continue to stand strong in their faith. We cannot wait any longer!

Mee-Yon’s faith in God as she was being brutally beaten is undeniable. Her faith shows the need to provide God’s Word to Christians in North Korea. A simple, yet life-changing gift of a Bible can mean everything. Even in the worst of circumstances.

These are the most recent words I received from Mee-Yon in prison:

“Now I know why the Lord sent me … He had a purpose. He is connecting me to the underground church inside the cell. I am comforted and alive since He died for me.”

You can put the Word of God into the hands of a fellow Christian in North Korea for just $10.

We’ve built a distribution network that can get the Bibles into the hands of the believers — and seekers — who want them. But we need Bibles to send!

Your gift right now will bring light into a dark country and give hope to a persecuted believer. God has opened the doors. It’s up to you and me to walk through them.

Please pray, and please send Bibles to help fellow Christians in desperate need.

* Name changed for security


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