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Refugee Crisis Intensifies | Our Response

Blog Team
Oct 05, 2015

You may be watching the historic crisis unfolding before your eyes on the news—desperate Middle Eastern migrants doing whatever they can just to survive. You see their defeated faces as they are denied entrance at European borders, having already risked their lives for a glimpse of safety.

Refugees flee to Jordan - World Help

Or perhaps you’ve seen the gut-wrenching images of 2-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body that washed up on a Turkish beach after he and his mother and brother drowned trying to flee to Canada from the besieged city of Kobani, where ISIS recently committed one of its worst-known massacres to date.

Since the violent uprisings in Syria in 2011, World Help has been actively involved in aiding refugees and displaced families in the Middle East—reaching thousands with life-saving aid. But more is required to salvage this “lost generation.”

Without proper aid and resources, thousands of refugees will continue to pour over European borders. An estimated 28 million people in the Middle East are in need of humanitarian aid—and half of them are children.

Iraq refugee crisis - World Help

The resulting refugee crisis is the world’s worst since World War II.

That is why World Help has moved into PHASE 2 of our refugee relief strategy.

Please take a moment to view our documentary, as well as our in-depth strategy that chronicles the reality of displaced and persecuted Christians.

Watch Middle East Crisis | Help & Hope for Refugees

Our plan is three-fold: to rescue, restore, and rebuild.

As we continue to supply critical aid, we will also invest in developmental solutions that will ensure displaced families have the long-term care they need in the months and years ahead.

Europe's Migrant Crisis - World Help

For the last four years, many of you have been in the trenches with us—standing with persecuted Christians and helping to alleviate the burdens of grieving families.

Today, we are asking once more for your help.

Will you take a moment right now to share our brand-new strategy and documentary? Even a simple social media share could result in a saved life!

Middle East refugee crisis - World Help

Consider becoming an advocate or a prayer warrior for those being victimized in the Middle East. And please, give what you can to bring comfort and hope to traumatized refugee families. No amount is too small.

These are our families . . . our children . . . our brothers and sisters. May we each be confident in saying we did our part during the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time.



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