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Children's Program Update

Published: May 13, 2019

Children's Program Update

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All boys and girls look forward to celebrating their birthdays! And because of your generous support, your sponsored child’s birthday was extra special this year. Your financial gift helped provide a unique present or party for your child and the other kids in his or her program.

Gifts and parties vary between countries and programs, but they each show the kids how much they are loved and valued. For many boys and girls, it’s the first time they have ever been recognized on their birthday since many their families can’t afford presents or special occasions.

Here are some of the ways sponsored children celebrated birthdays this year:

Party in Uganda was a highlight

At a children’s home in Uganda, birthday boys and girls got to attend a big party with their classmates and friends. They enjoyed cake and snacks as well as soda — a treat the kids were especially excited about. One of the boys named Ashiraf said the party was a highlight of his year. “I am so happy to celebrate my birthday,” he said. “My dad died, but celebrating my birthday helps take away my sadness. Birthdays make my heart so filled with joy and happiness. Thank you, my sponsors.”

Indian kids honored with dinner

Kids at one of the programs in India each received a personalized “happy birthday” box filled with notebooks, small toys, and other gifts. They loved digging through their boxes, seeing what they had gotten, and showing off their presents to their friends. The birthday children also received a dinner in their honor. “The birthday celebration for our children was a success,” one of the staff members at the program said. “It is only because of your support that we can have such a wonderful celebration.”

A celebration countdown in Honduras

Children at a day care center in Honduras got excited this year whenever their birthday month came around. That meant they were able to travel to a local fast-food restaurant where they enjoyed feasting on hamburgers and ice cream while whacking a piñata and playing other games. Solanyi, who recently turned 11, said she was happy because she had lost all hope of a birthday celebration due to her family’s scarce economic resources. When she learned she would have a party, she counted down the days until the much-anticipated event finally arrived!

Thank you for supporting your sponsored child … on special days like birthdays and all year-round. Your love, prayers, and gifts are making an eternal, life-changing difference!

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