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2015 Child sponsorship Christmas report

Thank you for investing in joy, community building, friendship, and sharing God’s love — thank you for giving the gift of Christmas.

Published: September 26, 2016

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India, Nepal, Uganda, Lithuania

The miracle of Christ’s birth changed the world forever. Thank you for changing your child’s world for the better — and for sharing the wonder of Christmas in 2015!

Your compassionate gift enabled your child’s program to organize a group Christmas celebration. Imagine the joy your child experienced as he or she celebrated Christmas with friends!

Each program celebrates Christmas a little differently. Some purchase gifts for each child in the program, others put on a Christmas performance for the community, while some organize a Christmas meal.

Keep reading to see some of the unique ways sponsored children remembered Christ’s birth:


In India, most programs gave small gifts and organized Christmas celebrations that were open to the entire community.

Sponsored Children in India

Our partners reported: “The celebrations kindled the festive spirit among the children. Carols were rendered enthusiastically, and the birth of Christ was celebrated. The staff also got involved with much enthusiasm; they celebrated every moment and every happiness with the children.”

At one of the children’s homes in India, the girls performed skits and shared the Gospel with more than 250 people from their village. This was the first time their community had heard the Christmas story. The girls’ parents were thrilled to see their daughters performing with joy and confidence onstage.

“I am so excited to be here for my studies growth and spiritual growth. It makes me realize there is purpose in my life. I participated in the Christmas drama to present Jesus to this world. During the celebration we all saw the big picture regarding how and why Jesus was born. It absolutely filled us with great joy,” said Sonu, a sponsored child.

Sponsored Children in India


This year the Christmas celebration at the Happy Children’s Home in Nepal was different from past years since the village is still recovering from the devastating 2015 earthquake.

Despite the obstacles, all the children gathered on Christmas Day to sing carols and perform songs, dances, and skits for parents and friends. At the end of the performance, everyone enjoyed a special meal together. Each child also received a gift of new clothing.

“Our living God teaches us to laugh and enjoy even in our pain and hardship. Facing many difficulties, Nepali Christians celebrate Christmas joyfully. That was your contribution to bring big smiles on our faces. Thank you very much for your help and gifts for our children,” our partner reported.

Sponsored Children in Nepal


In Uganda, the Good Samaritan Children’s home celebrated with a huge Christmas party for all the children in the program and their parents. Several student groups performed skits about life at Good Samaritan, and some of the older children gave speeches. There also was face painting for younger children.

Parents, students, and staff came together to sing Christmas songs, and everyone enjoyed a meal that included special treats — like cake.

“The parents were very happy as well as the children to have a Christmas party, because at home they don’t eat such good foods and don’t rejoice like that … since the situation at home is not good. They had a lot of fun and are really happy,” our partner reported.

Sponsored Children in Uganda


The sponsorship program in Lithuania celebrated Christmas with an evening of food, treats, and activities at a local church.

The night started with a warm meal followed by a Bible lesson led by one of the sponsored children. All the children had the chance to discuss the meaning of Christmas and the lesson they’d heard.

Afterward, the children decorated individual Christmas cakes and watched a movie about the wise men — complete with hot chocolate and fruit! The evening closed with a trip to the local ice skating rink. Most of the children in the program had never been ice skating, so it was a special experience for everyone.

Sponsored Children in Lithuania


Thank you for investing in joy, community building, friendship, and sharing God’s love — thank you for giving the gift of Christmas.

However they celebrated, your sponsored child is grateful for your gift and for your willingness to make events in their life special. You are an important person to them, and they are blessed to have someone like you invested in their future.

Your generosity is touching their life in more ways than you think!

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