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Your impact in Iraq

Published: October 25, 2016


Thousands of people are fleeing the city of Mosul, making way for the Iraqi army to take back their home from the clutches of ISIS. They need food and shelter … and because of you these resources are readily available.

Your generosity is providing nutritious meals, warm blankets, and spiritual encouragement for refugees who are escaping with only the clothes on their back. Thank you for pouring hope into a region that has been plagued by fear and desperation for far too long.

Last week, our team was on the ground just outside of Mosul delivering immediate relief — made possible by you.

Because of your selfless giving, many have already received the help they need; however, countless others will be arriving soon, and we must be prepared. You can give again today and provide additional, lifesaving supplies for just $35.

Thank you again for all you have done for those suffering in the Middle East. Continue to keep them in your prayers, especially the people of Mosul, in this monumental moment in history.


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