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Child Sponsorship Programs in Kenya – Christmas 2014

Because of your direct involvement with the 2014 Christmas campaign, our sponsored children in Kenya participated in a very special Christmas celebration.

Published: April 14, 2015

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Children's Program Update

Kenya Kenya

Our partners gathered the boys and girls together to spend a day at the local zoo. This was a unique Christmas gift for the children, and they were grateful to participate in such an exciting field trip. It was a fun-filled day as they visited each of the animal exhibits and even had the opportunity to pet some of the animals.

Additionally, the zoo had a small game park with inflatable toys and various games for the children to experience. They laughed and smiled all day as they enjoyed this special time with their friends and the staff.

We cannot thank you enough for your love and continued support of our sponsored children in Kenya . . . their lives have been forever impacted because of you. And thank you for providing them with a very memorable Christmas.

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