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Children’s Programs in Zimbabwe – Christmas 2013

This Christmas season was truly memorable for our sponsored children in Zimbabwe. They enjoyed a fun-filled time of fellowship together and were able to participate in various activities such as dancing, singing, and worshiping Jesus Christ.

Published: March 13, 2014

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Our partners in Zimbabwe had the amazing opportunity to share their testimonies with the children and tell about the compassionate love of Jesus and His sacrifice for them. While they host holiday-themed activities for the children to enjoy, their ultimate desire is to share the Gospel with each boy and girl, hoping this will make an eternal difference in their lives. As they shared testimonies and read stories from the Bible, they also participated in an intimate time of worship . . . many hearts were touched and lives were changed.

During the holidays, our partners like to focus on serving others in their community and were eager to have the children participate. They ventured to two shopping centers in their village with large garbage bags and picked up trash along the streets. They wanted the children to grasp that Christmas is not only about receiving, but it is also about giving back and helping those in need. Our partners said the children learned a valuable lesson from this service project and want to continue serving their community throughout the year. These children are truly demonstrating Christ-like love to the surrounding villages.

Our partners also surprised each boy and girl with a gift bag of goodies filled with various sweet treats and other items such as toothpaste and soap. For some, this was the first time they had ever received a Christmas present. They were so happy to be thought of and were thankful for this special gift.

These children work so hard in school, and this was the perfect way to rest and celebrate their accomplishments. Thank you so much for providing these children with an unforgettable Christmas celebration. They are so grateful for your willingness to invest in their lives through sponsorship.

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