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Russian Children’s Programs – Christmas 2013

Our sponsored children in Russia enjoyed a special Christmas celebration thanks to your involvement in our 2013 Christmas campaign. Our international partners planned an evening full of fellowship, laughter, and memory-making.

Published: March 13, 2014

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When the children arrived, they were blown away by the beautiful decorations and the hard work that was put into making this night possible.

With cheerful hearts, they enjoyed using their creativity and imagination to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. For many, this was the first time they had ever decorated a Christmas tree. Once the decorating was complete, they enjoyed posing in front of the camera and showing off their work. As the night progressed, the children waited anxiously to indulge in a delicious feast. The menu consisted of various finger foods and tasty sweets that brought bright smiles to their already beaming faces.

In addition to these festivities, each boy and girl was given their very own Christmas gift. The children were overwhelmed with toys, books, treats, and letters. But as wonderful as the gifts were, nothing compared to the excitement as they tore through the paper to see what was inside. They were very thankful and expressed to our partners that this was the highlight of their entire year!

More than the decorations, food, and receiving Christmas gifts, the children thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent gathering together to listen to the Christmas story. Each child heard the message of the Gospel . . . it was a special time together to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas—the love of Christ. Our partners took time to pray with them and read various Bible stories. The children loved being able to engage in a time of worship and sing some of their favorite Christian songs.

Ultimately, this was a celebration these children will remember for many years. They were amazed by the love and support shown by their sponsors through letters, gifts, and prayers.

Thank you for your love, time, and investment in our sponsored children in Russia. You may never fully know your impact, but you are truly invested in a ministry that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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