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Church Planting project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 12, 2017

Project Update

Nepal and India

Thank you for your heart for spreading the Gospel. Your giving to church planting has allowed new churches to bring the story of Jesus to communities in Nepal, China, India, Guatemala, and Cuba!

Church planting changes lives in a way many other gifts cannot. When you gave to church planting, you provided hope, purpose, and love to people in need — and you made an eternal impact. Thank you for your incredible generosity!


For as long as Thewang can remember, his life has been difficult. Born without sight, Thewang’s blindness did more than keep him from seeing; it also kept him from getting a job. Thewang felt his life was hopeless.

But Thewang wasn’t just physically blind … he also was spiritually blind. Thewang and his family didn’t know Jesus, and without Him, their futures looked bleak.

But then your generosity brought purpose to Thewang’s life.

Because of your support, a local church was able to reach out to Thewang with the Gospel. He and his wife have both accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

You gave Thewang the opportunity to leave his life of hopelessness behind and find a new life full of joy.


As a child, Vandana learned to worship the Hindu gods her family revered. Every evening she would ask the household gods to deliver her family from their financial struggles, but her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Vandana wondered if her gods would ever respond to her prayers. She felt desperate and alone … but then she learned of a God who promises never to leave her nor forsake her.

Because of your giving, a local pastor visited Vandana’s village and preached the Gospel. Your gifts allowed Vandana to hear the Good News — and to have her life changed by Jesus.

Vandana is now a dedicated Christ-follower and has told her whole family about her faith. Their financial troubles have been resolved, and Vandana has found new hope for her future.

Because of you, she discovered a God who hears her prayers and responds with love.


You’ve already had an incredible impact on the spiritual lives of people searching for truth. Thank you for helping declare the name of Jesus in some of the most spiritually dark places around the world.

You can give again and help more people like Vandana and Thewang hear the Gospel.

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