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Bible Distribution project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 10, 2017

Project Update

China, Syria, North Korea

For a new Christian, the Word of God is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, owning a Bible is just a dream for many Christians in developing countries — either because they face the threat of persecution or because they simply can’t afford one.

But you did something to change that. Your gift of Bibles provided believers in need with the greatest tool to learn more about their faith and about their Savior. Thank you for providing God’s Word to change lives, now and for eternity.


China was still covered in darkness early one Sunday morning when doors began opening in a small village. Quick, quiet footsteps traveled down the paths between the fields. The children of God were going to church.

Even though they risked intense persecution for their faith every time they gathered to worship, these believers knew they were called to serve the Lord rather than man. Their church met regularly, and they worshipped God with music, teaching, and prayer. But they were always lacking one thing: Bibles.

Copies of Scripture are virtually nonexistent in rural China. Without your help, these believers may have never even held a Bible in their hands. But your generosity answered their prayers for God’s Word. They now have a way to learn more about Jesus and to share the Good News with their friends and family.


Nabil was a successful businessman before the Syrian civil war began. He had a peaceful life with his wife and three children … until the day enemy soldiers captured him. Although he eventually escaped, he still worries for the safety of his family, so we’ve changed his name to protect his identity.

The soldiers tortured Nabil for six months. Finally, they agreed to release him if he would sell his business and give them all his money. Nabil returned home to his family, and they immediately fled to a refugee camp.

While in the camp, Nabil developed large, painful kidney stones. He required emergency surgery but had no money to pay for the procedure, so he went to a nearby Christian clinic.

Nabil received the care he needed along with an unexpected gift — a Bible. He began reading the Bible and soon gave his life to Christ. He now radiates the joy of his Savior even after all he has been through!


For believers in North Korea, life has always been difficult. Widespread persecution against Christians means believers often fear for their lives. But despite this, the message of the Gospel is still spreading through the nation. And even under threat of death, North Koreans are coming to know Jesus every day.

By providing Bibles, you helped equip these Christians to grow in their new faith. “The more I hear the Word of God in the Bible, the more it becomes engraved in my heart,” one believer said. “I will live the words written in the Bible and try to learn more and more.”

For Christ-followers in North Korea, the Bibles you provided are indispensable as they struggle to live out their faith in a hostile environment.


You’ve already changed so many people’s lives by giving them access to the Gospel — and we can’t thank you enough! Thank you for choosing to make an eternal difference with the gift of Bibles!

Today, you can give again and continue spreading God’s Word in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth.

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