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Clean Water project report | 2016

Published: December 5, 2016

Project Update

India, Zimbabwe

Thank you for providing clean water.

Because of your investment, individuals around the world received the gift of time — time to go to school, earn an income, and grow nutritious crops. They now have the gift of health and no longer have to fear the water they drink. Best of all, they have the gift of hope as relationships of trust are formed and doors to share the Gospel are opened.

You truly changed lives and made an eternal impact!


Lack of clean water made life exceedingly difficult for those living in the Maruti Nagar Leprosy Colony outside of Indore, India.

Sarang, a 45-year-old resident of the colony, said his painful condition made it necessary not only to beg for money since he could not work, but also to beg for water since he was physically unable to walk to the nearest well.

A government tanker sometimes came to deliver water, but between visits Sarang and the others often ran out. They had no way to clean their wounds to prevent infection and no drinking water to help them take their medication.

Although most of Indore had forgotten or rejected these individuals, you showed them Christ’s amazing love. They now have a well that provides clean, safe water every day. Sarang expressed his gratefulness for your kindness:

My family is now able to get clean drinking water. The water is sweet and clear. We now do not need to go begging for the water. I convey my thanks to the people [who] provided the water well in my area.


Access to clean water has transformed every aspect of 11-year-old Simon Gurubve’s life.

Before his village in Zimbabwe had a well, Simon woke up early every morning and walked more than six miles to collect water from the river. Even after all this hard work, the dirty water would often make him sick, causing him to miss school.


Simon now spends minutes each day instead of hours collecting water, and his school attendance has significantly improved. His father has been able to expand his farming business because of improved irrigation; he now can build a better future for his family. And this was all made possible because you chose to act.

Simon is just one of the lives affected by your generosity to this village. The entire community is now healthier, and the local economy has significantly grown as families have more time and resources to dedicate to business opportunities.

One individual summed up your impact this way:

This is the best thing that has happened in my life and the village. The footprint and the legacy that you have left in Africa will last forever.


Your passion for providing impoverished communities with life’s most essential need is spreading holistic health and restoring hope around the world — thank you!

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