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Refugee Relief project report | 2016

Published: December 2, 2016

Project Update


The refugee crisis has been stretching on for years, but you haven’t lost sight of those in need.

Thank you for seeing a refugee caught in the middle of violence, war, terror, and uncertainty. Thank you for giving him or her a reason to hold on a little longer.

Your generosity is providing physical help in the form of food, warm blankets, medical supplies, and access to the mobile medical clinic. You also are giving spiritual hope — trauma counseling, Bibles, and discipleship training.


One way your investment is making a difference is through our mobile medical clinics.

Staffed with doctors, an ENT specialist, lab technician, and pharmacist, the clinic travels throughout the region and treats refugees — free of charge.

Just this year alone, we helped thousands of individuals receive medical care!

Nataly’s Story

For Nataly, a refugee woman living in a house with four other families, the mobile medical clinic was an answer to prayer. During the crisis, she’s been able to start a small hair salon business.

But she wasn’t making enough money to provide basic eye care for her daughter, Sonar.

In addition to medical bills, Nataly would have to pay transportation costs since the nearest clinic was miles away. Because of your generous investment, the mobile clinic doctors were able to give Sonar the treatment she needed!


Your gift also means refugees are receiving basic supplies they need to stay alive. Right now, you are the reason a refugee has hygiene products and the food needed to survive — rice, beans, tuna, sugar, flour, lentils, and much more.

Anees Kudhir’s Story

A father of three, Anees Kudhir was once a rich man in Iraq. He owned a brick-flooring factory and a welding factory. But the family’s difficulties began in August 2014, when ISIS began attacking Christian villages nearby.

Anees took anything that could fit in his car, and the family fled.

When they finally got through the many checkpoints in Erbil, Anees and his family drove around, not knowing where to go. They stumbled upon a church … where a friend was sleeping on the doorstep. Anees and his friend hugged and wept — they had both thought the other was dead.

“During those days, the tears were nonstop from my eye because of what [horrors] I had experienced,” Anees said.

Eventually, the family found their way to a compound in another village. Despite their difficulties, Anees and his wife found hope in the supplies you provided. They continue to spread the Gospel even now, and Anees’ wife gathers women to pray every single day.


Many Middle Eastern women have endured extreme violence, experienced terrible loss, and lived in constant fear — they are suffering emotionally as well as physically.

Our partner is strategically reaching women in refugee camps with special programming that provides a hot meal, fellowship, counseling services, and life-training skills. This environment provides much needed encouragement and emotional support.

The group focuses on building self-esteem and community while providing a sense of normalcy in the midst of a chaotic situation. These traumatized women are receiving connection and support from other women who understand what they are going through.

Hayfaa is a refugee who accepted Christ about six months ago because of this women’s ministry. “As long as Jesus is in my heart — I am much better now,” she said. “The most important thing is knowing Jesus in the depths of our heart.”


Your compassion in the form of practical emergency supplies and medical care is ensuring that refugees have what they need until they can return home.

Thank you for reaching out in compassion, kindness, and faith. Thank you for seeing beyond the news headlines and into the heart of a refugee in need. You are making a huge impact — one that will echo into eternity!

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