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Clean Water Project Report

Project Report

Published: April 26, 2018

Project Report

Rwanda and Uganda Rwanda and Uganda

Thank you for your gift of clean water! Your generosity and desire to give people healthier lives has made an incredible impact.

Because of you, a community no longer fears waterborne diseases. Children don’t have to spend hours collecting water and now have more time to spend in school. And doors have been opened to usher in the Gospel. Your provision of clean water means people’s lives can be restored physically and spiritually.

One well transformed an entire school  

At Star School in Rwanda, students and staff used to have two options when it came to water: use dirty water or stand in a long line at a nearby village well. But then the gift of a well at the school transformed the lives of more than 900 children.

Before the new well, students couldn’t wash their clothes. Sanitation in the school had declined, and sickness among students had increased due to lack of clean drinking water.

“The water well has tremendously impacted the life at Star School!” the headmaster said. “It brought health, joy, life, and happiness to the whole community of Star School. Everyone who uses this water looks up and gives glory to God who provided us with [this] water well through His good people full of love for others.”

The children are incredibly grateful. They know that more time in the classroom, instead of collecting water or lying sick in bed, equals a better future.

The gift of clean water kept a boy safe

In the Kamuli village in Uganda, Geoffery used to walk miles to the nearest water source — which was often contaminated with bacteria. Not only was the water dangerous, but the path to the water was treacherous, as well.

One night as Geoffrey was fetching water, a rabid dog attacked him. Luckily his cries drew the attention of his neighbors who came rushing to his aid. However, Geoffrey was diagnosed with rabies, and his parents had to spend much of their limited income for his treatments.

Finally, Geoffery was able to physically recover, but the fear from that day still haunted him.

Then, the building of a reliable well meant that he and other children no longer had to risk their lives just to collect water. They now have safe, clean water right in their village.

Your gift was a turning point in the lives of people like Geoffrey and the students of Star School. Clean water makes all the difference! Thank you for providing rescue and renewal through the blessing of clean water.

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