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Cuba Church Planting project report | 2016

Published: December 22, 2016

Project Update


Cuba has experienced positive changes in 2016. Doors and hearts opened like never before, and people softened toward the Gospel for the first time. This is a chance to make an incredible difference. Thankfully, it is not an opportunity that you have taken lightly.

Your giving has empowered church planters in their work, enabled pastors to receive support and training, and encouraged Christians to continue growing in their faith. You are helping bring light and hope to a depressed nation.


Rafael* lives in Almar City, Cuba, where he helps shepherd a church and reaches out to the local community. Luis,* a young man he was counseling, was approached by a local man named Pedro* who was having marital problems. Pedro and his wife were always fighting, and she had actually tried to attack him with a knife. Pedro was so desperate for help that he reached out to the church, even though he was not a Christian.

Luis encouraged him to come to church, and Pedro began attending regularly and was eventually joined by his wife. After visiting church together for a while, Pedro and his wife both gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized. They are now repairing their marriage and their lives. Because of their remarkable transformation, they felt compelled to share their testimonies with their church and give all the glory to God. Their stories are now inspiring others!

Rafael and his church are thrilled to see lives transforming. They are joyfully anticipating the hope that changes like this will bring to their community, and they are incredibly grateful for your help along the way.

*Name changed for security


Pastor Ernesto* has seen the power of Christ many times in his ministry, but especially in the life of a woman whose husband and daughter left her.

She was full of bitterness and resentment over her situation. She was angry that her husband and child left the country without her, and when her husband remarried and her daughter refused to have contact with her, she felt abandoned and alone. She was left to care for her other daughter, grandchild, and elderly mother on her own.

The woman thought there was nothing that could turn her life around. But then she met Jesus! Today, she has reconciled with her estranged daughter and reconnected with her husband and his new wife. She no longer feels resentment and has instead chosen to serve them with joy and love. She told Pastor Ernesto that with Jesus it is easier to live life joyfully. Encouraged by her experiences, she now witnesses to others and hosts a house church in her home.

*Name changed for security


God is moving in Cuba, and your investment is paving the way for transformed lives. Thank you for supporting Cuban church planters through finances and prayer. Here are some prayer requests as you continue praying for church planters in Cuba:

  • That churches will be able to expand and witness without opposition
  • That more people will open their homes for house churches
  • That people will continue to be open to the power of the Gospel
  • Ask God to raise up leaders within current churches
  • That the church will reach even those in more remote communities


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