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World Help Global Impact project report | Spring 2017

Published: May 4, 2017

Project Update

Haiti and Nepal

Thank you for your generous giving toward World Help’s global programs — you’ve helped bring healing to broken and hurting people around the world.

Your gifts provided relief and comfort in times of greatest need and in the most desperate situations. You changed lives and gave new hope to people who thought their needs would never be met.


Ange was already struggling to provide for her five children in Haiti when her husband abandoned her. Without his support, Ange was suddenly unable to afford even the most basic needs like food and water for her children. Soon, her two youngest boys became severely malnourished.

Ange took her boys to a malnutrition center where they were given medical care to help them recover. Sadly, when they returned home from their first treatment, one of the boys died from a sudden illness. Ange was heartbroken … and terrified of losing another child if she didn’t receive long-term help.

That’s where your generosity made the difference.

You provided packs of rice that Ange now receives each week to feed her children. Because of the food you gave, they are now growing stronger every day. You helped Ange find peace because she now knows her children won’t starve to death. And she couldn’t be more grateful!


In the little village of Marming, Nepal, Jamuna and her husband were at odds. The two of them had been through so much. An earthquake had destroyed their home and everything they knew and loved. But the biggest problem wasn’t the earthquake — it was faith. Jamuna’s husband was a Christian, and although he had tried to share the Gospel with her many times, she simply would not believe it.

Jamuna’s husband prayed for a miracle … and God provided one through you.

Your support helped plant a church in the earthquake resettlement village where Jamuna and her husband live. Jamuna was able to see the love of Christ through the kindness of church members in her community and began attending church services.


You’ve already had an incredible impact — physically and spiritually — in the lives of people around the world. Thank you for choosing to act on behalf of those in desperate need.

You can give again and help provide hope to other individuals like Jamuna and Ange.

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