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Cuba Church Planting Year-End Update

The work of God throughout Cuba continues to expand, and we are seeing more and more people respond to the Gospel. There is spiritual revival in this country like never before . . . a country once bound by idolatry.

Published: December 4, 2015

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 “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!”

— 1 Chronicles 16:24

The work of God throughout Cuba continues to expand, and we are seeing more and more people respond to the Gospel. There is spiritual revival in this country like never before . . . a country once bound by idolatry.

World Help has witnessed firsthand how God is stirring the hearts of the Cuban people, once blind to His Word. So far in 2015, our church planters have launched nearly 331 new house churches! As a result, 8,077 people have made the decision to follow Christ and more than 1,040 have taken their next step of faith through public baptism. The people affected by this change are spreading His Word and igniting the hearts of their families and neighbors. This once spiritually dark nation is seeing firsthand the eternal hope of Christ and experiencing His everlasting love.


In Santa Clara, Cuban church planters shared the message of the Gospel with a woman in their community who prayed to idols for years. After a few months of meeting, she was willing to pray to Jesus but did not want give up her idols. The church planters continued to pray for her salvation and spoke with her regularly about the Gospel.

One day, the woman experienced a terrible tragedy when her son suddenly passed away. The church congregation gathered around her during this time and through their prayers and comfort, she clearly saw the powerful love of Jesus Christ. Today, she is a Christ follower and her home, once overrun by idols, is now a home that worships the Lord. The church congregation even meets in her home each week, and she is telling others she meets about Jesus.

Another group of church planters, working in Santiago, were dedicated to boldly proclaiming Jesus’ name in the streets. Over the course of four days, they preached the message of Christ publicly to anyone who would listen. They preached at bus stops, in hospitals, commercial centers . . . anywhere the Word could be heard.

As a result, 40 people came to Christ and many were baptized. Additionally, they established three new church plants in these neighborhoods. What an incredible testimony of the work of God in Cuba!


Your faithful support and continued prayers empower our church planters in Cuba to continue serving God as they plant more churches throughout the nation. Eternal work is accomplished every day, but there is still so much more to be done. Join with us as we continue to pray for spiritual revival to take place in Cuba through the work of these church planters. Here are a few specific ways you can pray:

  • Pray for continued growth of existing church plants.
  • Pray for strength for these church planters as they continue to establish more churches, and help train disciples to begin churches in their own neighborhoods.
  • Pray for the children’s programs as they minister to the younger generations.
  • Pray for the men in these communities to be awakened to God’s purpose for them and become spiritual leaders in their families.
  • Continue to pray that Christ would be revealed to multitudes of people throughout Cuba, ultimately expanding God’s Kingdom.
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