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Humanitarian Aid project report

Project Report

Published: April 25, 2018

Project Report

Guatemala, Cuba and Puerto Rico Guatemala, Cuba and Puerto Rico

Thank you for your generous giving to provide lifesaving supplies and humanitarian aid to people who need it most. Because of you, families around the world are safe and healthy.

Your giving has provided food for the hungry, clothing for the poor, medical care for the sick, and more. Without you, many people would still be suffering today. You have provided the help they needed, and you’ve shown them the love of Jesus.

Saved by a sink — Guatemala 

The doctors at Chiquimula Hospital had a sanitation problem.

Every day when they went into surgery, they would scrub up as best as they could. But without a proper sink, they had no way of getting their hands really clean. And they were spreading germs and diseases as a result. “People were actually dying because of the lack of sanitation,” the staff said.

But then the doctors received exactly what they needed.

You helped send a sink along with hospital beds, ventilators, X-ray machines, and other vital medical supplies to the hospital. Now the doctors can get perfectly clean hands before they perform surgery. And all the other tools you sent are helping them take better care of their patients, too.

Your gift saved lives! Thank you for providing the supplies these doctors needed.

Hope after the storm — Cuba and Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma decimated the island of Cuba. And just a few days later, Hurricane Maria tore through nearby Puerto Rico.

While evaluating the devastation, our partner reported that in one coastal village, about 90 percent of the community was destroyed. People lost homes and possessions, and they struggled to find food or clean water. Power went out, and many people couldn’t find even basic hygiene products and essential supplies.

The people of Cuba and Puerto Rico were desperate for help. And you provided it. 

Your gifts supplied food and hygiene items that church planters in Cuba were able to distribute along with Bibles. In Puerto Rico, your support helped feed 200 people seeking shelter at a local recreation center — and led to nine salvations!

“I’m so touched to see people’s faces when they get a plate of food or a cold cup of water!” our partner said. “They seem to find hope in midst of their crisis.”

Thanks to you, the people of Cuba and Puerto Rico received the aid they need to rebuild their lives! Your compassion has healed communities and spread the love of Jesus.

Thank you, again, for your generosity. You have truly done something that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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