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Refugee Relief project report

Project Report

Published: April 25, 2018

Project Report

Middle East, Africa and Europe Middle East, Africa and Europe

Thank you for helping refugees around the world. Your giving helped provide food, clean water, and other essential aid to refugees in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Your generosity showed them the love of Jesus as you helped them survive horrible circumstances.

Because of you, someone far from home received help and hope in his greatest moment of need!

You helped give Haya a chance to start over

Haya has been through more struggles than she thought she could bear. After her husband was killed in the Syrian civil war, she was forced to flee her home to save her children. We’ve changed her name for her protection.

When Haya escaped, she left everything behind. She had to provide for her children on her own, but she had no way to get a job. Her situation seemed hopeless … but then you came to the rescue.

You provided meals for refugees in Haya’s area that were distributed at a local food kitchen. The staff at the kitchen was even able to offer Haya a job. Now, Haya can feed her family, buy medicine for her child, and rebuild her life.

Haya doesn’t feel hopeless anymore — thanks to you!

Hellen was living in a refugee camp without shoes  Until you helped give her shoes

At 12 years old, Hellen had never owned a pair of shoes. So when war broke out in her South Sudanese village, she had to flee on bare, bruised feet.

Sharp rocks jabbed her heels during the long journey to the refugee camp in Uganda. She shuffled her feet quickly to avoid burning them on the hot ground. Every step was dangerous … until you provided the shoes Hellen needed.

Hellen is so grateful that her feet are now protected as she plays with her friends, fetches water and food, and safely travels. “Since now I have shoes, I am no longer hurt by stones and the heat,” Hellen said.

Providing items such as shoes, clothing, and blankets may seem like a simple gesture. But to refugees who have lost everything … it means the world.

Thank you, again, for providing the aid refugees need so badly. You have provided help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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