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India children’s center project report

Children's Program Update

Published: May 23, 2019

Children's Program Update


Thank you for sponsoring a child in India. Your ongoing support has changed a life forever.

We want to let you know what your sponsored child and other kids in the program have been up to this year … all because of your compassionate giving.

Fun, fun, fun!

Your sponsored child closed out 2018 with a wonderful Christmas celebration. Not only did all of the children in the sponsorship program participate, but the entire community joined in, too. Everyone enjoyed refreshments and fellowship as they learned about the reason for the season.

Earlier in the year, several of the children were able to attend adventure camp. This was a dream come true for the kids and something that made them feel loved and valued.

Meeting physical needs

In February, the children’s center hosted a medical clinic where the kids and their families received help and learned about steps to take toward a healthy lifestyle. The moms in particular learned about the importance of prenatal care. This is just one example of how your gift not only help your sponsored child, but your sponsored child’s family, as well!

The kids in the program also benefited from a newly installed storage tank for drinking water. The clean water from this tank will help keep the children from getting sick, which means they will be able to spend more time in school learning.

Investing in education

Your sponsorship allows your child to receive vigorous academic tutoring plus books, uniforms, and other necessary school supplies. The program has eight teachers on staff who focus not only on teaching academics, but also on developing each child’s personality and confidence. Their goal is to teach the students that they can be the next generation of great leaders in their community.

Your gift of sponsorship has been life changing!

Every month, your gift boosts the health and happiness of your sponsored child. And, for that, we cannot thank you enough! You can give an additional gift today to provide extra help for your sponsored child and other kids in the program.

Thank you for investing in your sponsored child’s life!

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