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Refugee Relief project report

Project Report

Published: May 23, 2019

Project Report

Middle East, Africa and Europe Middle East, Africa and Europe

Thank you for your compassion and commitment to helping refugees. When people are forced to leave home, they leave everything behind — their houses, their jobs, their extended family and friends, and even their ability to provide for one another. By the time they arrive at a refugee camp, they are often sick and starving. But your gift helped transform a refugee’s health and his future.

By providing lifesaving aid in the form of emergency food, medical care, and more, you have helped to save lives of refugees in Iraq and around the world. Thank you for acting quickly and meeting these urgent needs.

Medical aid helps fight cancer in an Iraqi refugee camp

Kasim remembers a time when his family was safe and had plenty to eat, a time when we wouldn’t have had to change his name to keep him safe. But now, Kasim is a refugee driven from his home by violence. His eyes fill with tears and he goes silent as he thinks about the famine and the war that changed everything.

“You will not believe this,” he said. “My weight used to be 70 kg (154 pounds) before the war with ISIS, and now I am just 60 kg (132 pounds).”

Because of their poor living conditions, Kasim and his family faced starvation and malnutrition. And then when he and his wife were both diagnosed with cancer, they wondered how they would ever survive. They had no way to pay for regular meals, much less medical treatment.

A visit to the dentist brings the joy of the Lord

The last thing a refugee needs is a medical issue that costs money — a scarce commodity in refugee camps. But because of a mobile medical clinic that you helped make possible, Lina received the treatment she needed to fix her tooth and end her pain.

If you were to meet Lina today, the first thing you would notice is her joy. But she wasn’t always this joyful.

Lina is a Christian living in Iraq, and we’ve changed her name for her safety. Over the past few years she has suffered immensely. Her home was burned in the war with ISIS, and she was forced to relocate and leave her life behind.

When she began to suffer from a terrible toothache, Lina was terrified. Like most refugees, she had no money for treatment at a private clinic, and the local clinic offered her only a very mild painkiller. They lacked the equipment and medicine necessary to perform the treatment Linda needed to save her tooth and end her pain.

Then, she heard about the mobile medical clinic that you helped make possible. Your support meant that Lina and many others were able to receive treatment for whatever medical issue they had. Now, Lina is full of joy.

“Your clinic helped me and gave me the medicine that I couldn’t buy,” Lina said. “I’m glad that you came here because there is no [other] clinic or hospital that can treat a case like me. Thank God!”

Thank you for providing lifesaving aid for refugees in their time of need. You are truly making an impact that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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