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Your sponsored child in India has been busy

Published: July 3, 2019

Children's Center Update


Thank you for sponsoring a child in India. Your ongoing support has changed a life forever.

 We want to let you know what your sponsored child and other kids in the India children’s program have been up to this year … all because of your compassionate giving.

A time of celebration

Your sponsorship provides important essentials like medical care, nutritious food, and educational opportunities. But it also helps your sponsored child celebrate special moments in life. This year, the children celebrated holidays like India’s Republic Day, Independence Day, and Christmas with games, songs, and other fun activities. During the summer, the children attended a special day camp where they received healthy meals, listened to stories, and made crafts.

Investing in education

Education is often the key out of poverty, so the academic help you provide is one of the most important resources you could give your sponsored child. Over the past year, the children’s center hired new teachers to accommodate even more students and make sure your child gets plenty of one-on-one attention. In addition to receiving academic tutoring, your sponsored child received new books and school supplies, participated in physical education, and took part in art classes which foster creativity.

Learning to stay healthy

Learning good health practices is also an important part of your sponsored child’s long-term education. This year, the children participated in a medical camp where they and their families received help and learned about steps to take toward a healthy lifestyle, like regular hand washing. The moms in particular learned about the importance of prenatal care. This is just one example of how your gifts not only help your sponsored child, but your sponsored child’s family, as well!

Your gift of sponsorship has been life changing!

Every month, your gift boosts the health and happiness of your sponsored child. And, for that, we cannot thank you enough! You can give an additional gift today to provide extra help for your sponsored child and other kids in the program.

Thank you for investing in the life of a child.

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